Event hall rental

The Event hall of 82 m²

Event hall rental

The event hall is open from 8h30am to 12h45pm and from 1h45pm to 7h30pm during July and August. The rest of the season we open at 8h30am to midday and from 4h00pm to 7h30pm.

Outside of July and August, the event hall can accommodate up to 50 people as it is equipped with chairs, tables, dishes, a dishwasher, kitchen and fridge.

Contact Isabelle to rent. She will be able to help you organise your stay with a group or as a family. She can also provide information for a caterer.

A public barbecue is located next to the event hall.


Our expertise

You wish to organise a family or group reunion? Isabelle can accompany you to organise a tailor-made event.  She can provide information for a caterer.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information.